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A short and twisted retelling of The Buried Moon, an English fairy tale.

In Aramet, a wise queen rules over a luscious and peaceful land. Surrounded by seven fine sons, six of which have brought her the treasures of her kingdom, only August, the youngest prince, born with a caul over his face, has yet to deliver his gift.

Queen Allegra fears for August's safety so she asks of him one thing she knows he cannot bring. But there is always something watching from the shadows, waiting for its chance to rip away the goodness and leave corruption in its place.

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The House of Little Bones

"I never knew horror could be this beautiful. Lee’s ‘The House of Little Bones’ reads as if she were possessed by Shirley Jackson’s ghost... utterly unmissable!"

- Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Tome

"An original, quiet haunt with subplots just as entertaining as the scares themselves."

- Chad Lutzke, author of Stirring the Sheets

The Ruin of Delicate Things

"Gorgeously written and compulsively readable, The Ruin of Delicate Things is as beautiful as it is tragic. Beverley Lee's work has always been memorable for its sumptuous descriptions and well-drawn characters, but this fiendishly macabre fairytale puts her right at the top of my must-read list. Whether or not you keep your doors and windows shut, this one will sink its teeth into you."

- Kealan Patrick Burke,
Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Kin and Master of the Moors

Crimson is the Night: A Vampire Novelette

"Here are two authors at the top of their game and a collection of toothsome delight in the form of five vampires you won't soon forget."

- Shane Douglas Keene, Dark Fusion Podcast

Beverley Lee is a writer of dark fiction (dark fantasy/horror/supernatural suspense). Her first book The Making of Gabriel Davenport picked up three 5 star seals when recently reviewed by Readers’ Favorite. It also won the June Go Indie Now! Excellence in Literature Award for her poetic style, outstanding plot, and complex characters. Read more...

Praise for The Gabriel Davenport Series

  • Beverley Lee has apparently never heard of second-book-syndrome! A Shining in the Shadows is the sequel to her amazing debut The Making of Gabriel Davenport and it does not disappoint!
  • Absolutely adored this book! I'm truly devastated that I have finished it! Gripped from page 1, fell more in love Gabriel and his family. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!
  • Brilliantly written, it satisfied my need for a book that is original, suspenseful, and intense. It is a book you won't forget, one you will want to keep and read again. Be warned-you won't want to put it down once you start!
  • Beverley Lee's writing is very clean. The editing was flawless, and I adored how fast the pace of the novel was. This is a perfect novel for those who enjoy horror/darker novels, as well as those who aren't experienced in the genre at all. It is one of those rare novels that is dark, but not crass or grotesque...
  • It’s always an exciting surprise to come across a début author who has such a strong voice and such absolute confidence in the delivery of their story, and Beverley Lee does not disappoint with her first novel, ‘The Making of Gabriel Davenport’.

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