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Gabriel – Fanart – A fairy tale tattoo

Gabriel Davenport
Introducing Gabriel Davenport
October 23, 2015
The Making of Gabriel Davenport Book Cover
The Making of Gabriel Davenport
February 14, 2016

I have been incredibly lucky on this creative journey of mine to discover artists who believe in my work and characters enough to spend their time crafting images from my mental visions. The above depiction of Gabe is from the lovely heavenlyeros. Please check out her tumblr for other wonderful artwork.

What I really want to do is wax lyrical over the symbolism in this, but I can’t or I’ll spoiler my own book! So I’ll simply say that the rose and the thorns and the cat and the colour all mean much more than what you first see. Those of you that have read The Making of Gabriel Davenport in beta form will know exactly what I mean – hopefully!

There are even stars in his eyes ?

A heartfelt thank you to heavenlyeros for her passion and belief. Working with you has been such a pleasure ?


  1. Aura Eadon says:

    Ohhhh love this Beverley, it’s brilliant. How’s the querying going?

    • Thanks so much, Aura! My manuscript is with my editor right now and I’ve plans to self publish next year as I haven’t had any bites from the querying.

      • Aura Eadon says:

        You’ll do fine any way you choose. Will you consider a crowdfunding option? Have you sent to smaller indie publishers? They are usually a lot more flexible than the big publishing houses – sometimes the big players seem stuck in the past and inside the vicious circle of not daring to publish new authors because they are not big authors yet. Of course a new author who’s never given a chance cannot become a big author but they seem to miss that part. 😀

        • Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Aura, that means a lot ? I’ve tried a few smaller publishing houses and I agree with what you say. The larger ones can pick and choose because they are the larger ones! I’ve decided that the freedom to take on the book and be responsible for exactly how it is put out there is important. Which means, of course, that all the marketing etc is up to me and there is a lot to learn!
          I’m not doing crowd funding this time. I feel it’s up to me to get this baby out there however hard that is!

      • Aura Eadon says:

        Happy to support and I think you are brave on taking the challenge and at the same time I am certain you’ll do brilliantly. When do you plan to publish? I suspect you’re going for ebook initially, yes?

        • Much appreciated, Aura ? I need to get the edits back which will be in before Christmas, and then work on those. Hopefully then it will be super shiny! Looking at spring 2016. And yes, ebook primarily with some hard copies.

  2. memopip says:

    Ooh, there are some great teasers in there Bev. Can’t wait to meet Gabriel. The artwork is fantastic.

  3. Matt Rydeen says:

    Simply stunning. So exciting to see beloved characters come to life!

  4. Jenny Glover says:

    I’m fascinated and intrigued and thoroughly exasperated that I’ll have to wait to see how this lyrical image unravels in the telling. You are a literary tease, Beverley Lee – and may you and your Gabriel prosper!

  5. Beautiful! He looks magical, almost like an elf! Love all the details!

    • Thanks so much, Agnete 🙂 My artist suggested symbolism, so I fed her a few details and this is what she came up with! As someone who has read the book already I hope some of them speak to you 🙂

  6. Yes, the roses and the thorns are brilliant. Love the tiny animals, too. And that the roses are loosing a few petals. Very fitting. 😀