what do you get when two vampire universes collide?

The Vampire Song of Achilles. Does this make your heart beat faster? Read on.


A Conclave of Crimson

What do you do when love threatens to destroy?

Seven vampires gather under the roof of Vauquelin’s palatial dwelling in the heart of Paris. A meeting to gain an understanding of each other, to grow closer; a meeting of masters and vampire youth, an education perhaps for them all.

But nothing can prepare them for the events that follow. It is not any outside influence that threatens to tear them apart, but a fierce, kindling flame within: a flame that may burn it all down to the ground.

Loves that were once thought infallible and truths once steadfast come crumbling down in this dark, tragic romance where immortal souls question everything they once held as true.

With opulent, descriptive detail and an off-the-charts spice level, be ready for these vampires to take you on a journey where high passions and high heat lead to even higher stakes.

Be ready (you’ll never be ready).

A Conclave of Crimson is a sequel to two book series (Gabriel Davenport and Beguiled by Night) from both authors, but can be read as a standalone.

Note: This book is not YA and is intended for mature audiences.



Beverley LeeBeverley Lee is the best-selling author of the Gabriel Davenport series (The Making of Gabriel Davenport, A Shining in the Shadows and The Purity of Crimson). In thrall to the written word from an early age, especially the darker side of fiction, she believes that the very best story is the one you have to tell. Supporting fellow authors is also her passion and she is actively involved in social media and writers’ groups.

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